Anton Vasetenkov

Auckland, New Zealand

Professional profile

An expert front-end developer, with experience in agile software development methodologies.


I love all things web.



Looking to apply my skills in a suitably challenging role.


And pioneer the use of cutting edge front end and cloud technologies in product planning, design, and implementation.

Work experience

Jan 2017–Present

Front-End Developer

Pixel Fusion Ltd., Auckland

Involved in various projects with a number of key clients.

A member of a self-organising and cross-functional team developing SPA websites with Node back ends and React/Redux front ends within the Scrum and Kanban frameworks. Lead the development of shared base packages for those websites housing shared dependencies, configuration, and build scripts.

Using web accessibility best practices for writing HTML markup.

Building responsive layouts and components using Atomic design methodologies.

Lead the successful migration of a jQuery/Blade front end to React. As part of this project, I developed a custom asynchronous front-end form validation solution.


Single-page apps

Scrum, Kanban, Dual-track agile

JIRA, BitBucket, Confluence

Design thinking

React, Redux, React Router, Webpack

Server-side rendering

Unit testing (Jest), dependency injection

Test-driven development

SEO, Web accessibility

Atomic Design


Docker, CI/CD, Jenkins

Shopify templates, Vue.js



Aug–Nov 2016

Front-End Developer

Goodfolk Ltd., Auckland

Whilst in this role, I implemented interactive UI components for the web.

Was involved in developing websites and responsive email templates for key clients.


Responsive styling with Bootstrap

SASS, Gulp/Grunt

Atomic design systems

Implementing custom form elements (date picker, drop-down list) using jQuery

Implementing custom email templates for the Marketo marketing platform

Angular.js apps, client-side routing



2015–Jan 2016

English Language Instructor

Say Yes! English School, Moscow

Instructed groups and individual students in all aspects of the English language.

Built online English reference tools for my students.


Public speaking, mentoring

JavaScript, HTML, CSS




Student Researcher

A.N. Belozersky IPCB, Moscow

Worked on improving the algorithms for computational modelling of protein–DNA interactions with ROSETTA macromolecular modelling tool.

Implemented tools for facilitating and visualising research.


C++, Python, bash, MPI, cluster jobs, Linux/Unix

ROSETTA macromolecular modelling tool



Feb–Dec 2016

Computer & Information Sciences

Graduate Diploma (B.Sci.)

Auckland University of Technology, Auckland


Distributed and mobile systems (passed with distinction): Using RMI, JSP, EJB, JMS with Java EE

Network Security: CCNA Security (passed with distinction)

Worked part-time during my final semester


Sep 2010–June 2015

Bioengineering & Bioinformatics

Specialist Diploma (M.Sci.)

Moscow State University, Moscow


Diploma with merit

Published 2 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals

Personal projects


Cofactor Ltd.

My small SaaS technology company, incorporated in June 2018.

Cofactor develops online web services that encapsulate discrete data processing and querying functionalities allowing developers to easily integrate them into client software systems. Charged monthly, customers only pay for the services they use based on their consumption the services.


Setting up and managing the cloud infrastructure with Google Cloud. The services used include Google App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Firebase, Cloud Functions, Genomics.

Managing subscriptions

Processing online payments with Stripe




Ligand is a React library for building interactive chemical diagrams including chemical structural/skeletal formulas and reaction mechanisms.


2D web graphics with Canvas and SVG

Building UMD modules with Rollup.js

Developing touch-based UIs

Combining JS with WebAssembly for running computationally intensive tasks


Nov 2017–Present

Cofactor Ora

Modern online pronunciation dictionary.

Cofactor Ora uses machine learning to predict pronunciations of named entities not found in English dictionaries.


AWS: SageMaker, Polly

Open Graph data, SEO, social marketing

Accelerated Mobile Pages



Dictiome (currently unavailable)

Dictiome is a Node.js-powered website utilising an in-memory storage and serving the data through the React/Redux-based front end. The database maps words, names and common expressions to YouTube video timestamps. Each timestamp marks the moment in a video the phrase of interest is used in the specified form and sense.


Amazon EC2, nginx, upstart


TypeScript, Angular 2, Angular Universal, Angular Observables

YouTube API



English, Russian.





Vasetenkov AE, Koksharova OA. (2013) Comparative and evolutionary aspects of cyanobacteria and plant plastid division study. Russian Journal of Plant Physiology 60(4):453–464.

Kravtsova TR, Lazebnaya IV, Lazebny OE, Volkova EY, Fedorenko TA, Gorelova OA, Baulina OI, Lobakova ES, Vasetenkov AE, Koksharova OA. (2013) Molecular phylogeny of a green microalga isolated from White Sea sponge Halichondria panicea (Pallas, 1766). Russian Journal of Plant Physiology 60(4):536–540.


Conference and meeting presentations

Investigation of cyanobacterial cell division by means of comparative genomics. V International Conference "Advances in Modern Phycology" (May 2012).

Evolution of cyanobacterial cell division factors during the establishment of eukaryotic plastids. XIX International student, postgraduate and young scientist conference "Lomonosov-2012" (Apr 2012).